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YelpDr. Chiu-Collins has a profile on yelp.com where patients can remark on treatment they received at Dr. Chiu-Collins’s practice. Please visit yelp.com for more information and patient opinions of Dr. Lynn Chiu-Collins.

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RealselfRealSelf describes itself as the world’s “largest community for cosmetic surgery, dermatology and dentistry.” RealSelf offers a wealth of information from real patients about procedures, plastic surgeons and practices in your area. Visit Dr. Chiu-Collins’s RealSelf page to read her reviews and/or to write your own.

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Google PlusGoogle has a customer rating system as well as written reviews. Visit Dr. Chiu-Collins’s Google+ Local profile to read reviews from several of her patients. If you’d like to write your own review, please note that you will need a Google+ account. They are free and easy to sign up for; the steps are provided when you log in to draft a review.

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VitalsVitals.com is a free doctor review site that allows you to share and read reviews on Dr. Chiu-Collins. If you’re a current patient of Lynn Chiu-Collins, MD, you can rate her based on factors such as ease of appointment, promptness, bedside manner and follow-up.

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