Facial Plastic Surgery Philosophy San Francisco

Dr. Chiu-Collins’ Philosophy

At Union Square Facial Plastic Surgery, we recognize that everyone is different. Patients can have different skin types, skin texture, tissue volume, bony architecture, and overall different aesthetic goals. There is no one single treatment that will be a remedy for all patients and each client requires a thorough individual assessment. We understand that the best outcome is achieved when we consider each patient’s unique needs with the most advanced and safest surgical and nonsurgical techniques available.

The Comprehensive Facial Examination

During the consultation, Dr. Chiu-Collins explores your concerns, comprehensively examines your anatomy, and then focuses on helping you achieve your aesthetic goals. The face is a dynamic and complicated structure and it deserves thoughtful and deliberate consideration. The comprehensive facial examination is necessary because it aims our attention at the most important endpoint of all: facial harmony and balance. For example, a patient presenting with a nasal concern is not limited to an examination of the nose alone. In this case, facial proportions and relative projection of the chin can have a significant effect on our perception of nasal appearance. Looking at the face in its entirety, and not in isolated unrelated segments, allows us to achieve a more natural appearing and aesthetic result.

Importance of Education

Dr. Chiu-Collins educates you about your anatomy. She helps you understand why your nose may be weak in a one area and why you have difficulty breathing because of it. She explains the consequences of the aging process on the anatomy, and helps you understand the various approaches to improving it. As the patient, you are provided with an education on the current techniques that are available for your problem and recommended the right combination to produce the best results. You leave the consultation empowered with education and knowledge.

Open Communication

At Union Square Facial Plastic Surgery, consultations are always directly performed by the surgeon. We encourage open dialogue about your hopes and expectations, questions and concerns. Good mutual rapport and clear communication will guide us toward a good outcome.

All Treatments Are Personally Performed by the Surgeon

Treatments, both surgical and nonsurgical, are directly performed by the surgeon. You have the comfort of knowing that the person performing your Botox and fillers treatment regularly performs surgery on that exact part of the face.

If you are interested in learning more about your treatment options at Union Square Facial Plastic Surgery, please contact our office at 415 – 702 – 3000 for a consultation.