Moles and skin tags can make us self-conscious, especially when they appear in very visible areas of our head or body. Moles are often harmless, but some may be concerning for cancer.  It is important to check your moles yourself and have your moles checked by a professional regularly to ensure they aren’t changing in shape, size or color as these are common signs of malignancy.  Skin tags are soft, small bits of skin that stick out from the skin surface and are not hazardous to your health. Skin tags and moles are often removed for cosmetic reasons.

Moles and skin tags can be removed by surgery, laser, or liquid nitrogen freezing.  Every mole or skin tag is different, and the recommended method of removal is variable depending on the location, size, shape, and texture of the mole or tag, as well as the laxity and quality of the surrounding skin, and the presence of nearby facial features.  Mole and skin tag removal are very well tolerated under a local injection anesthetic.  To learn more about your mole and skin tag removal options, contact our office today to schedule with Dr. Chiu-Collins.