Many men and women go through life disliking the appearance of their nose. While some of these people may opt for a traditional Rhinoplasty surgery to create the nose they desire, for some other people, the cost and time required for a surgical procedure is not something that they feel is an option for them. Today there is an alternate possibility for the person looking to make subtle aesthetic changes to their nose without surgery through the San Francisco Nonsurgical Rhinoplasty.

With the San Francisco nonsurgical rhinoplasty, a wide or flat nose can be raised and/or narrowed, or a short nose can be elongated in appearance. The tip of the nose can also be raised to improve the support of a droopy tip, as well as improve nasal breathing in some cases.  Many cases of asymmetries, small dents, or contour irregularities can be improved with the nonsurgical rhinoplasty.  The nonsurgical rhinoplasty is performed using dermal fillers. These results can last up to 18 months depending on the area treated and type of filler used. Unlike a surgical procedure, there is no down time required for recovery. That said, a nonsurgical rhinoplasty is obviously more limited in what it can accomplish than a traditional rhinoplasty procedure. To find out if a nonsurgical rhinoplasty will be the right option for achieving the results you want, contact our office to schedule with Dr. Chiu-Collins.