Dermal Fillers is a popular option for both men and women in early stages of aging who have lines, creases and wrinkles caused by a loss of mass. We all loose valuable fats as we age, just like we loose elasticity in our skin (what keeps it tight) and this loss of both volume can create those lines, creases and wrinkles you see. Through Dermal Fillers this lost volume can be replenished, or “filled” out. There are a couple different kinds of Dermal Fillers from Juvederm to Restylane, Perlane to Radiesse, and each has its own strength (typically an area of the face that it targets best). Dermal Fillers are administed in just a matter of minutes through an injection, just like Botox is, and in some cases a couple different kinds of Dermal Fillers may be used, or the Dermal Filler may be used in combination with Botox.

To learn more about the different kinds of Dermal Fillers we offer, what they do and to find out if they may be the right option for you, contact our office to schedule your complimentary consultation with Dr. Lynn Chiu-Collins today.