Lush. Plump. Sensuous. Are these words you wish described your lips? While stars like Scarlett Johannson and Angelina Jolie show off naturally plump lips like these, the truth is, many of us are born with medium to thin lips. As if the fuller-lipped people didn’t already have a step up, having fuller lips also helps eliminate those fine lines that start to form around the mouth with age. If you were born with leaner lips and have long envied the fuller look, you’ve probably tried to take matters into your own hands. Walk down any drug store cosmetic beauty aisle and you’ll see a plethora of limp-plumping glosses that can leave your lips tingling and offer little results in return.

If you are looking for a more long lasting cure to your thin lips, you may consider a Lip Augmentation or a surgical Lip Lift to create the results you want. Learn more about the procedure and find out if it could be the right solution for you, contact our office today for your confidential consultation!