There are many women who wish they had fuller, rounder lips than they were naturally given. Plump lips are seen as a sensuous sign of beauty and are a highly desired trait. For women who have been exhausted their drug store options of plump promising glosses that offer little to no reward, it may be time for a more substantial option like Lip Augmentation. Lip Augmentation may be achieved through a couple different ways depending on the needs of each individual patient. If you are looking to enhance your lips but aren’t ready to commit to a permanent solution, dermal fillers may be the best option for you. A dermal filler is an injectable that can fill in fine lines and creases in the face, and is also used to enhance the size of the lips.

If you are ready to make a permanent change a Lip Augmentation via implant may be the best option for you. Implants are customized in size and shape to compliment each individual’s natural features. Lip Augmentation can achieve your lip enhancement goals. If you are interested in learning more about your lip enhancement options, contact our office today to schedule your consultation with Dr. Lynn Chiu-Collins.