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Cheek Reduction San Francisco

When you have excess Buccal Fat, the cheeks can seem disproportionately large in comparison to the rest of the face. A procedure called Buccal Fat Removal or Cheek Reduction surgery can remove the stubborn Buccal Fat that is difficult to reduce simply through diet and exercise. The removal of this Buccal Fat can enhance your […]

Botox or Dysport for Excessive Sweating (Hyperhidrosis) San Francisco

Dealing with excessive sweating can be embarrassing, and when oral and topical treatment options fail, many people feel that their excessive sweating is just something they will have to live with. Today there is an alternative treatment option through Botox or Dysport. While many people know of Botox or Dysport for their cosmetic anti-wrinkle achievements, […]

The Difference Between A Full And Mini Facelift

Our faces are constantly evolving over time, but at a certain point for all of us, that evolution starts to include sagging skin, lines, creases, and wrinkles. These common signs of aging can affect our facial expressions, the way we feel about ourselves, the way others perceive us, and the way we move through the […]

Eyelid Lift San Francisco

Eyelid Lift is a procedure that rejuvenates the appearance around the eyes. As the years pass, there are some age-related findings we begin to notice from fine wrinkles to deep creases, fine lines to sagging skin. The changes not only prematurely age us but can make us look more run-down or fatigued than we’d like.  Through […]